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Looking for printed lighters as great promotional gifts? Our complete line of corporate branded lighters can have your company name spreaded around in your advertising campaign. From metal made to plastic made or from round to retangular, our promo lighters are all of stylish design and offering a large printing area.

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  • Sleek metal lighters are of unique styles. They have bright surfaces and are suitable for advertising. Logos and pictures for these sleek metal lighters are available. You can just put these sleek metal lighters on your pocket and whenever you need them, they are ready for you.And these Sleek metal lighters are all manufactured withou...

  • This Custom Printed Lighter enjoys high appreciation from whole seller and customers. Whatever patterns you like can be printed on this Custom Printed Lighter. We guarantee quality and price for you.And this Custom Printed Lighter is manufactured withou gas due to the  transportation limit.   Give this Custom Printed Lighter to your dearest...

  •  This plastic Branded Lighter is of pretty beautiful curve. It is made of transparent plastic and is of different colors. This plastic Branded Lighter is fashionable and of competitive price with printed brand name. Welcome your order for our Branded Lighter to please your customers.And this plastic Branded Lighter is manufactured withou gas due...

  • These Rectangular Lighters have various colors for your option. They are  of customized size and excellent performance. Enough space for information printing is to be printed on these Rectangular Lighters. Rectangular Lighters are no doubt the optimum giveaway in any occasion.And these Rectangular Lighters are all manufactured withou gas due to...

  • This Cigarette Lighter is of very practical use which is windproof. No matter where you are, this Cigarette Lighter can bring you and your guest perfect service. There are three colors for its lid and it is of blank silver body. Large printing area is on this Cigarette Lighter.Great for promotion or any occasion.And this Cigarette Lighter is manufactured...

  • Super slim promo lighter is suitable for ladies. It is lightweight and convenient. This super slim promo lighter has blank body and you can print your own logo or product information on it.No better promo product is better than this great lighter at a competitive price.And this promo lighter is manufactured withou gas due to the  transportation limit.

  • These are  our latest designed promotional lighters. Our promotional lighters are of great price and good durability. We have black and dark blue two colors for your option of promotional lighters. Also there is large printing area on these promotional lightersfor your advertising.And these promotional lighters are all manufactured...

  • We offer logo printed lighter for any occasions. This logo printed lighter  is of very slim shape and excellent capability. Black and dark blue color for this logo printed lighter  is available to suit your need.Logo or brand name can be printed on the surface of our promotional lighter.And this logo printed lighter is manufactured withou gas...

  • We have durable and fashionable plain lighters.And you can choose from any of your favorite color to make your own plain lighters. With our plain lighters  your can print any logo or brand name even message on the surface. Don’t hesitate, just choose one style of our plain lighters to match your style and business.And these plain lighters ...

  • This promo windproof lighter is fascinated with bright colors and special design. We offer different windproof lighter for your perfect campaign as pleasant gifts. You can print you logo or any information you would like to spread to the public on this promo windproof lighter.And this windproof lighter is manufactured withou gas due to the ...

  • Crafted out of quality raw material, our lighters can be custom made.we offer custom lighters of various shape and color. We guarantee excellent capability and competitive price for our custom lighters. And these custom lighters are all manufactured withou gas due to the  transportation limit. Welcome contact us for custom lighters order.

  • Slim cigarette silver lighter is one of our top selling items.It is of amazing mini size and quality. This Slim cigarette silver lighter is suitable for lady especial. Patterns for this Slim cigarette silver lighter can be printed with the design of your choice.And this cigarette silver lighter is manufactured withou gas due to the  transportation limit.

Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items