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Wooden Box
We Offer you customized Paulownia Wine Box at guaranteed lowest prices. Imprinted your corporate logos or messages on Paulownia Wine Box as your promotional gifts or corporate giveaways.

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  • Customised Wine Carrier is  made of excellen wood to keep your favorite bottle of wine in store.This Customised Wine Carrier is hinged with a ventilated cover to show your wine brand.You can have single or double bottle space for this Customised Wine Carrier. We offer you a wonderful price to have as a gift to friends or family.

  • This Branded Promo Wine Box can be made of pine, paulownia or poplar wood. Your logo can be screen print, heat burn or laser cut on our Branded Promo Wine Box for your commercial demonstration. Also, we could make boxes with one bottle, two bottles or more bottles size. We will try to meet your any other special requirements to make your own Branded Promo...

  • Custom Made Wine Case is a creative design for your favorite bottle of  wine with high quality of wood. It is of a columnar body with a inclined plane. This Wooden Custom Made Wine Case  is characterized with its inside structure. It is divided into three parts, one is for your wine while the rest are for your...

  • Promotional Wine Holder is made of original wood without any oil painting. This Promotional Wooden Wine Holder is in rectangular design with a bottle shaped window at the front to show your products. A string on the top makes this Promotional Double Bottle Wine Holder  easy to carry.

  • Our Single Bottle Wine Box  can be made of pine, paulownia or poplar wood with natural or paint finishes. We can print your company logo on our Single Bottle Wine Box for your commercial demonstration or promotional activities. And this Single Bottle Wine Box is easy and safe to carry with rope handle on the bottle top and hinged lid. We will...

  • Double Bottle Wine Box is crafted out of quality pine which is solid material for years.Rope handle and hinged lid on this Custom Printed Double Bottle Wine Box make easy and safety carrying.It has enough space for double bottle of wine.Large area on the cover or side face for logo/brand printing is available for the Custom Printed Double Bottle Wine Box....

  • Wooden Promo Wine Box is a stylish holder for wines. The body of this Single Bottle Promo Wine Box is made of rectangular wooden pieces for solid storage. A beautiful tie is made as decoration with core handle.Strongly recommend you to use our Wooden Promo Wine Box for any wine party or show.

  • Made of pine, paulownia or poplar wood, any size of Promotion Wine Holder  of its Box lid can be slide, hinged or lift off style. Company logo can be screen print, heat burn or laser cut on our Promotion Wine Holder for your commercial demonstration or promotional purpose. We can make your own Promotion Wine Holder as a perfect gift according to...

  • This Custom Paulownia Wine Box is crafted out of quality paulownia wood making it durable and solid for carrying wine bottle. A rope handle and hinged lid on the Custom Paulownia Wine Box is designed  to make it easier and safer to carry the wine.This Custom Paulownia Wine Box has a large area for imprinting your company logo on the cover or side face.

  • This Promotion  Pine Wine Case is a stylish way to present a gift to friends or consumers. Also it is available in a two bottle or bigger size.Made from sustainable pine this Promotion  Wine Case comes with hinged lid and company laser logo. Competitive price are now offered for this Promotion  Pine Wine Case.

  • This round Wooden Wine Carrier for one bottle is made of varnished woods of various kinds. With a cord handle. This wonderful Wooden Wine Carrier is the perfect way to present as special gift box of wine or Champagne. Low price and fast service are now for this Wooden Wine Carrier.

  • These Promotional Imprinted Wine Cases are special for their hexagon shapes. Imprinted Wine Cases are of  slim outlook and good quality with a hinged lid.Different color for these Imprinted Wine Cases are available to meet your requirement.

Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items